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In 1994 Malcolm Moss in the company of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar dreamt of replacing the smelly noisy petrol outboard powered boats on Lake Pichola in Udaipur Rajasthan with silent non polluting solar electric boats.

Having built the world’s first commercial solar powered boat we have made rapid progress in developing Sustainable Transport.   Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) is now accepted as a superb power source for boats.  Some have crossed the Atlantic under solar power – Sun21 in Feb 2007 - and Planet Solar has circum navigated the world in 2013.  Over a hundred passenger solar ferries are in service.  Our aim is to do something about Climate Change by giving a lot of enthusiasm, our knowledge and a little money to engineers and others for research and development projects.    Our philosophy is to ACT and help others while their enthusiasm is high to get started on Sustainable Transport projects.  We have relied heavily on the expertise of many individuals and companies for which we are most grateful. We make investments in Renewable Energy projects to demonstrate that even without Government subsidies a positive financial return can be obtained.  

Whilst solar boats are the best example of Sustainable Transport solar PV can be used to great effect on road vehicles.  As described under solar vehicles we have cajoled many contributors to build solar vehicles for 2 International Solar rallies of India when we and others had great fun driving around Rajasthan.   As electric vehicles become common place in cities it is a natural progression for them to include solar PV panels to increase the range and make them sustainable and it is rewarding to see that some major motor manufacturers are including solar panels on their electric cars.

We do believe that it is the duty of individuals, families and corporations to invest in New Renewable Energy and have invested in Wind Power and Solar PV in the UK and India.    One million Pounds has now been invested in Carbon Free Energy production and Research

Our team is:

Malcolm Moss has spent most of his career in the chemical, oil and commodities industries.  The family company Collinda Ltd, now sold, was a strong supporter of the Responsible Care programme and contributed a minimum of 5% of profits to environmental projects many centered on Sustainable Transport.  .   Described in the press as the pin striped environmentalist he believes that it is the duty of enlightened individuals to finance and foster sustainable projects that may not yet be of commercial interest.   Malcolm invests in several Energy 4 All wind cooperatives being a member of the board of Kilbraur Energy Cooperative and is President of the Electric Boat Association 

James Moss, born 1986, was educated at Wellington College and obtained  a Masters in Engineering with Renewable Energy at Leeds University. He spent a gap year working on solar projects in Rajasthan and started the world’s first solar taxi service in Udaipur. He was a member of the successful team that made the first crossing of the English Channel under solar power in 1997.  He is currently working in the Energy Industry in London.

Simon Moss, born 1989, who with brother James designed and built Solar No4 which on presentation to HH Maharana of Udaipur made the statement “When I am old the Oil Age will have finished”   He has appeared on BBC Tomorrows World and helped cycle Solar No2 from the Tomorrows World Roadshow at NEC Birmingham to Earls Court London.  He finished at Shiplake College in June 2007 and gained a BA in Economics at Oxford Brookes University.

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James Malcolm & Simon Moss

The Moss family have won many awards including 2 Eurosolar Awards for solar vehicles and solar boats.  They have appeared 3 times on BBC Tomorrows World and helped organize 2 International Solar Rallies in India.

Mrs Yvers Lancaster a resident of Somerset is well known for her charity work that includes the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance and Help4Heroes.  She helped plan and participated in the 2nd International Solar Rally of India 2004 and the SolaRola Adventure from London to The Royal Bath and West Show in 2008.

The Moss Solar Trust was formed as a registered India charity in 2006 to receive funds into India for use on a variety of Sustainable Energy projects.  All overheads were paid by the Moss Family and all funds went to research or demonstration projects.  Due to complexities in tax and money transfers The Solar Trust is being dissolved but their role will be taken over by Moss Energy (Pvt) Ltd. who have pledged to give 10% of profits to similar projects.  Work in the UK such as sponsorship of EcoZones, schools projects etc will continue to be paid from Moss Family funds under the heading of Moss Solar.


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