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The ethos of the Moss Solar Trust is that all expenses and administration charges are paid by the Moss Family and every penny donated goes to solar projects.  By paying all management charges we hope we can help others to save our planet.

The Moss Family is not alone in funding the solar projects and we are very grateful for the support of so many people and organisations.    Nothing would have happened without the enthusiasm, drive and generosity of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of the MMCF and HRH Hotels.  

Many friends and corporations have sponsored individual vehicles and given direct financial support and whilst the list below is not complete we would like to thank most sincerely the following for their valued contributions in saving our planet.

AES Delhi, BP Solar, Boller Consulting, Collinda, Euromoney, HRH Hotels, Harvest Energy, MMCF, Ministry for non Conventional Energy Sources, Petrex, Taj Group of Hotels, Wyfold Foundation and Xchanging.Charity events have included The Reel Appeal organised by Mr and Mrs Christopher Le Hardy and the Jewelry Sale organised by Mrs Katerina Prentice.Individual donors include:  Peter and Diana Whiteside, Charles, Juliet and Tania Donald, Douglas Boller, Bill and Netta Southcombe, Sir Roger Gibbs, Joan Stillwell, Jean Ridgers, Bill and Joyce Lear, Michael and Penny Webster. Lucinda, Freddie and Lissa Green, Buster Keen, Patrick McGovern, Peter Dannheiser, David and Sylvia Andrews, Yvers, Henry and Emma Lancaster, Lord and Lady Corbett, Jenny Tomlinson, John Prentice, Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tennyson, Rosemary Askew, Lianne Johnson, Diahne Grosjean, Maureen Lynch, Lore and Sam Milliken, Andrew Lloyd Williams, Alex Melnikof, Paul Miller, Alan Robbins, Cedric Lynch, Phillip Mould, Richard Burrage, Bob Nicholson, Amanda Barber, Lady Hoare, Wenna Currie, The Pope Family, Michael and Jean Williams, Family Strahan, Alan Twist, Stephen and Deborah Richards, Jim and Mary Ratliff, Douglas and Dorothy Thomson, Maxwell Family, Iain and Pippa Stewart Hunter, Sir Michael and Lady Pickard, Paul and Audrey Arden-Jones, David and Rosemary Hufton, Claude Keith, Dwight Makin, Leslie Lowe,Ian and Sylvia Rutter, Garth and Judy Glastonbury, Mike and Elaine Denison, Alaxandra, Rosie and Hamish Blair, Clive Seigal, Ed and Georgina Jewson, Rollo and Caroline Clifford, John and Caroline Gleed, Jonny and Sara Shaw, Ed and Lucy Scott, Byam-Cooke Family, Graeme and Judy Adnitt, James Upton, David and Ruth Anderson, Family Cash, Pat and Roger Kitley, John and Jimmy Aarvold, Christina Barker, Dr Eric O’Brian, Anthea Chalmbers, Family Chapman, Alan Clarke, Tim and Judy Collett, Nick and Vanessa Courtney, General Fawcus, Dick Fowlston, Alan Fowles, Family Elder, John Garrett, Greaves Family, Wyndham and Alex Halswell, Tony Hindle, Family Hutton, Patrick Keen, The Kingsbury’s, Dr Ulrich Knips, Family Knott, Piper McGlashan, John and Juliet Moss, Lisa Part. Jonathan Peacock, Chris and Dr Michael Peagram, Sally and Robert Pierce, Elizabeth Robinson, Anna and Tim Rowlandson-Clarke, Herman and Janet Scopes, James Seymour, Family Squires, Barry, James and Elspeth Turley.

Nothing would have been accomplished with out the wonderful support of many members of the Electric Boat Association (EBA) and in particular to Ian and Sylvia Rutter who not only provide much technical assistance in the UK but visited India at their own expense to refurbish the first 2 solar boats.  Our webmaster Nick Goldring, also an EBA member who has done a magnificent job on this website.

Thank you all for your fabulous support.   Together we can save our planet



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