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Climate Change is now such a serious problem that it is essential every effort is made to reduce emissions of Carbon Dioxide created from the use of fossil fuels. We have negated our life time production of Carbon Dioxide by installing a 600 KW wind turbine in Jaisalmer and installing Solar PV in India and the UK.  Since 1994 the Moss Family and many others have been active in the research and promotion of Sustainable Transport of which Solar Transport has proved to be the most important format.   The sunís power is capable of propelling boats and vehicles long distances and our primary objective is to show by example how suitable they are for future emission free transport requiring no fossil fuels and making no impact on the environment. Over GBP 200,000 has been spent on Solar Transport with a further GBP 800,000 on Renewable Energy wind and solar projects. To build on the success and to accelerate research to satisfy the need for urgent action an Indian company has been formed Moss Energy (Pvt) Ltd. which will invest in demonstration projects involving Renewable Energy and pledges to give a minimum of 10% of profits research projects primarily involving Sustainable Transport.   India has been selected as the Pound goes further, speed of action is faster, there is the right climate for solar and there is much solar infrastructure already in place.

Jatropha Research Center India

Solar PV is the best example of Sustainable Transport.  At the 2007 Royal Bath and West Show in the UKís first Sustainable Transport Class which attracted 23 exhibits including Biodiesel, Biogas, Bioethanol, Plant Oil, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electric the winners of both sections, land and sea were Solar Powered.


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